Monday, June 27, 2016

Marvel Collector Corps: Women Of Power box...the opening

THE Women Of Power box arrived last Thursday. I was excited, as I'd heard good things about it.

I opened it up and... Hell, the box art itself is amazing...

Nice patch and pin. Not that I collect them, but they're cool.

Aaaaah.....a Spider-Gwen T-shirt. Didn't particularly grab me, but I managed to sell it to someone else, so it's all good.

An alternative-cover version of Civil War II #1. Noice!

 Mini-Pop dollies. She-Hulk and Captain Marvel? Very cool.

But the fucking money shot! Oh my fucking God! SQUIRREL GIRL!!!! Awesome!!!!!

OK. This MCC box was amazing. A total winner and value for money even BEFORE I sold off the T-shirt. Colour me impressed, MCC. :)

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